Do you know what RICE stands for?

Why do you think we’re talking about RICE today??  I’ll tell you: because Satan wants me to fail.  He doesn’t want me to exercise, he doesn’t want me to be strong and healthy.  He doesn’t want me to grow closer to God and my family.  He wants for me to feel pain and self-loathing.  He wants me to be fat and unhealthy.  Ultimately, he wants death for me.

He picked the wrong girl to mess with.

During my very first workout Sunday, I pulled my left quad.  Unbelievable.  I knew I was sore yesterday when I woke up and throughout the day, but I pushed through and worked out both yesterday morning and today.  Today, my right leg is still a little sore–but it’s that “I’m doing something good for my body” kind of sore.  My left quad is pretty painful, though.  I did what I always do–I googled it, figuring I was just being whiny.  According to what I read, if a quad has been pulled, they’ll be a knot in the muscle where the tear took place (check) and possibly some bruising from the broken blood vessels.  When I got home from work, Matt confirmed what I was pretty sure I already knew: my quad is indeed pulled.  The bruising & swelling are at a minimum and my plan is to spend this evening with leg elevated and to ice it down good this evening.  According to what I’ve read, I don’t need to stop exercising, I just need to take it easy on that particular muscle group.

Of all the people in the world setting “resolutions” this time of year, I’m delighted that Satan picked me to attempt to discourage.  Because I won’t be. Last year I let him get the better of me when a sinus infection interrupted “get into shape”  plans.  This year, I’m already “in shape,” and my main focus is living a “Proverbs 31” existence–the exercising is just a little added bonus.

My plan for tomorrow is to get up just like we did today (more on that later) and continue exercising to strengthen my arms.  I will, however, be taking it easy on my quad for a couple of days :).

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shelli
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 19:00:11

    You go get ’em, girl!! I am proud of you for getting up in the mornings. That is SO difficult!


  2. Allison
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 14:26:15

    You are indeed becoming a woman of God! I’m so proud of you!


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