Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Dear Koko,

Three years ago today you did something no one else had ever done before: you made me an aunt.  Nana & Popsy made me a daughter, Uncle Matt made me a wife, The Flash made me a momma, but you, dear boy, you were the very first person in the whole world to be my nephew.  It’s a pretty big deal.

Uncle Matt & I are both the oldest kids in our families so it’s probably a good thing that we didn’t have nieces and nephews before we had children of our own.  We still try to spoil you a little because you’re our only nephew–we got TWO nieces in one week (one is your baby sister!) last year, but you’re holding your own as our only nephew.  That’s makes you one special little boy!

Your favorite thing when you come to my house is that I keep candy corn just for you.  I don’t know why you love it so much, but you’re constantly dragging me over to the counter where its kept and saying “Candy Corn??” with so much hope that it just melts my heart.  I always give in.  You are my nephew and at my house you can eat candy corn until you burst.  Don’t tell Mommy.

Me & you, we have a special song.  Lots of people have tried to steal it and call it their own (because it’s that awesome), but I wrote it just for you and we’ve sung it (nearly) every time we’ve been together since you were just a weensie baby and I had to sing it by myself.  Now we can sing it as a duet, and you especially love the “big finish.”  Tiny & I sing it, too, but you were the first person to ever get to sing the Auntie Bear song.

Oh, yeah.  You call me Auntie Bear.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

I cannot believe you’re three years old.  It seems like just yesterday your daddy was calling me and telling me that you were a boy and saying your sweet name (which, of course, I won’t use here) for the first time.  You have a very special name and it suits you so well.

I love you very much,

Auntie Bear

P.S. I really appreciate you being born 1-23-09.  It is very easy for me to remember it (get it, 1-2-3).  Just one more way you’re the best nephew ever.


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