Crazy-Ridiculous List of Things I Want to Accomplish Because I’m Home with a Sick Kid

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

Well, The Flash made it all the way to my awesome babysitter’s house before vomiting all over the porch.  The good news is that she was totally cool about it.  I ran over to school and put some lesson plans together so that my kids at school would have good stuff to do today and even managed to get  a sub for today (thanks to the ladies in the office, my student teacher, my awesome babysitter and whoever my sub is for today for helping me out at school today).

So I’m home today and while I’ll be spending most of my time caring for my sick boy, I can probably squeeze in some crazy-ridiculousness.  Here’s what I’d like to accomplish today:

–Wash all of The Flash’s clothes from today, coat included (yuck)

Finish off the laundry from the weekend now that the pipes seem to be working (yea!)

–Put away all the clean clothes

Put away the dishes in the sink

Make cherry limeade

Keep Vomity McVomiterson out of the cherry limeade (it’s red and stains everything) So far so good.

Make vitamin water for The Flash

Make Jello

Keep Ariel entertained and away from The Flash This involved me bringing in the water table and filling it up in the kitchen.  But hey, people, desperate times call for desperate measures.

–Run 40 minutes on elliptical machine

–Work on some stuff for Master’s Classes

Make freezer enchiladas

–Deal with the giant (I swear, it’s growing) pile of papers on my table.

This list may be a little ambitious, seeing as it’s taken me almost an hour to write it and I’ve been interrupted many, many times by my little guy.  Taking care of him (and his stinky sister) is definitely at the top of my list today!

Week 3 Update

As you can read here, this week has been pretty much insanity. Here’s how I did:

Sunday: Made bed, rested

Monday: Made bed (MLK Jr. Day), 40 minutes on elliptical machine

Tuesday: Made bed (I really did), worked out with Biggest Loser

Wednesday: Made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser

Thursday: Made bed, did not work out. Decided extra half hour of sleep was more important

Friday: Did not make bed, worked out to make up for not working out Thursday

Saturday: Made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser, 40 minutes on elliptical machine to make up for Friday

Despite the pipes, the leaky roof, the furnace (did I not mention the furnace? apparently something’s wrong with the humidifier–someone’s coming tomorrow to work on it) the pipes again, it really wasn’t a bad week at all. And I have to say, working out and then running on the elliptical machine made me feel AWESOME. We’ve also been hanging out with some pretty awesome people lately and that’s making me really, really happy.

Now for the obligatory awkward photos. These had better be worth it when this is all over:



FINALLY, I managed to get Rowdy in the background of one of my pictures. He’s always running around while I’m snapping these and I finally managed to catch him. He’s the small blur in the background.

Update on goals from last week:

Make freeze-ahead Cavatini Two of them!
Get up earlier than the rest of the family tomorrow, even though I have it off.This was another one of those “Just barely” moments, but I’m still counting on it.
Clean up Ariel’s room. And get it to stay that way for more than 5 minutes.I don’t think it stayed that way for long, but it’s better.
–LAUNDRY!…………well, you need pipes to do that, so……………

Goals for this week:

–Make February Menu
–Make February Blog Plan
–Make something yummy for student teacher’s last day
–Deal with all that paper (mail, etc) I’ve been avoiding

And because you’re such AWESOME readers, I leave you with this picture of Ariel’s first tea party with, well, Ariel.


Weight Loss Wednesdays

My dad has had a life-long dream to ride his bike from Indianapolis to Richmond.  Bike as in pedals, not hogs.  October 15, 2011, Matt, my brother, my cousin & I made that dream a reality.  In three hours and forty-five minutes we rode 60 glorious miles.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

When people find about about it the often look at me and say (sometimes out loud, sometimes in their heads) “Well, no wonder you’re skinny.  You rode 60 miles.”  Let me address those thoughts:

1) Skinny & fat are not words I love using.  There was a time in my life when I had very little self control, didn’t know a lot about food and didn’t exercise on a regular basis.  Now I know somethings about food, I workout regularly, and I exercise self-control to the best of my ability.  Most of the time :).

2) Yes.  One Saturday morning I burnt 3,000.  It was great.  It was one time.  I’m 40 pounds lighter because of decisions I make on a daily basis.

So, what DID I do??  Okay, here goes.  I started drinking Body by Vi meal replacements shakes two times a day.  I know what you’re thinking: that sounds like Slim Fast.  You’re right.  It does.  It’s not.  I’ve learned a ton about this product and I won’t bore you with the details (unless you email me and want them), but I will say this: Slim Fast has almost no protein and absolutely no fiber.  Body by Vi has a ton of protein (20 grams!) and a great amount of fiber (I think 5 somethings–can’t remember if it’s grams or milligrams or whatever.  You have the internets, look it up!).  I replaced two meals that I thought were healthy with two meals that actually were–and low cal.  And delicious.  I love them.

I also started counting calories.  This sucks a little.  I found an app that counts my calories for me, which is really, really helpful.  It’s called “Calorie Counter” and is available on both the Android Market and Apple’s App store for free.  With 3G service, you can access the calorie count in just about any food and nearly every restaurant.  It really helps me make healthy choices.  I mean, I can burn 400 calories working out, but isn’t easier to not consume those calories in the first place??

The third step? Exercise.  I set up an exercise routine and I’ve stuck with it.  We ride bikes when it’s warm enough, I run on my elliptical machine 2 times a week and I’m currently doing a Biggest Loser program on our X-Box Kinect called “Armed & Dangerous.”

There’s one more little thing, but it’s important enough that I think it deserves its own post, and that’s for next week.  See you then :).

Week Two Update

This week went really well–except that The Flash was little bit sick for part of it. I’m lucky to have a husband who can take a half day occasionally so that I don’t have to miss a whole day of work! It’s especially important for me be there in the morning to teach math and it’s important for Matt to be at work in the afternoon for worship band practice, so it all works out. God is good, and The Flash is on the mend!


Maybe starting to see some results??


Ignore that unmade bed in the background :).

Here’s how I did this week:

Monday–Husband still in bed when I left, 40 minutes on elliptical machine
Tuesday–Made bed, worked out in morning
Wednesday–Husband awake and working in bed when I left, Lifted weights
Thursday–Made bed, worked out in morning
Friday–Total fail. Lazed around in bed hoping for two-hour delay and ended up getting up too late to work out. Also, husband still in bed when I left. Lesson learned. I’m supposed to be getting up while it’s night.
Saturday–Made bed, worked out (with Ariel. Adorbs.)
Sunday–Didn’t make bed because awesome husband made it for me! Maybe going to work out tonight. Fingers crossed.

Update on goals from last week:

–Come up with written schedule for posting
–Continue taking pictures for next week’s Ladies Room Fashion Show
—Came back to haunt me, but check. Buy new mirror and take pictures at home from now on (which, let’s be honest with ourselves, is a better idea). Check.
–Clean up my room. Making my bed is great, but this hit a little close to home.
—CHECK. Awesome husband and I made major progress in this area. Stay tuned next week for the full story.

Goals for this week:

–Make freeze-ahead Cavatini
–Get up earlier than the rest of the family tomorrow, even though I have it off.
–Clean up Ariel’s room. And get it to stay that way for more than 5 minutes.

Weight Loss Wednesdays

My week at work follows a pattern. A pattern for reading, a pattern for math, a pattern for language, a pattern for planning, etc. I work best when I have a pattern–a schedule. I think it gives me more time and effort for creativity within my teaching and planning. Obviously, this blog is no exception to that rule. I’ve already started my Friday Ladies Room Fashion Show posts and today I’m introducing Weight Loss Wednesdays.

I’m making Matt do it too. Let me know if you’d like to link up with us, too. I’ve eluded several times to the fact that I’ve lost 40 pounds since June, 2011 and promised to share the story of that. Spoiler Alert: I’m long winded, so this is going to take a couple of posts.

January of 2011 I decided to get into shape. I’d put on some weight from what I thought was “ideal” for a working mom and wanted to take it off. I started working out (as we all do in January), but a couple of weeks in I got a really bad sinus infection. Long story short, this was a “traveling infection” that set up shop in my sinuses and neck for about four months. After several rounds of antibiotics, countless boxes of Kleenex, and many, many nights of coming home from school and dying on the couch my doctor put me on a steroid. I gained 10 pounds faster than you can say “Sinus Infection.” Two months later, it hadn’t budged.

So it’s June and I’m now a good 20 pounds heavier than I think I should be. None of my shorts fit. My friend comes into town and has lost weight and looks fantastic. I’m riding my bike some, but my weight isn’t budging. I’m pretty miserable at this point. One night I walked into my friend Christy’s house and saw a bag sitting on her counter. “Please let it be Rob’s, please let it be Rob’s.” I silently prayed.  I couldn’t let my closest friend & mentor go and get skinny without me!

Of course, the bag wasn’t Rob’s and it was exactly what I thought it was–a protein shake. It was a protein shake that, coupled with a few other fantastic resources, changed my life. I’m 40 pounds lighter than I was that afternoon. I fit into clothes I wore in college. Fat me would never admit that it’s possible, but I’m so much happier.

Tune in next week for the second part of my weight loss story–the steps I took to lose 40 pounds. And be sure to check out Matt’s blog for his Weight Loss Wednesday post!

Week 1 Update

Thanks so much for all of you for “tuning in” to read my blog all this week. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on the blog, my facebook, twitter and in person! Knowing that you’re all out there and supporting me is really helping!

Here’s how I did this week:

Sunday (New Years Day)–made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser (pulled quad), DID NOT get up early

Monday–Matt still in bed when I left (and I only hated him a little), 40 minutes on elliptical at 5:45 am

Tuesday–made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser (later realized I had pulled my quad) at 5:45 am with the whole family. I don’t know why the kids were awake, but it ended up being nice because we all had breakfast together & Matt made pepperoni eggs.

Wednesday–made bed, lifted weights at 6:20 for 10 minutes (resting quad)

Thursday–made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser at 5:45 am

Friday–Matt still in bed when I left, 40 minutes on elliptical at 5:45

Saturday–got up kinda early, made bed, rode 20 miles on my bike (!) with Matt & my dad

This week’s goals are as follows:

–Come up with written schedule for posting

–Continue taking pictures for next week’s Ladies Room Fashion Show

–Clean up my room. Making my bed is great, but this hit a little close to home.

Week One Photo Update:



Quad Update

I haven’t let my sore quad keep me from working out this week.  It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that I figured out that I was more than “just started a new workout routine” sore, so I had followed my plan to elliptical (yup, spelled it wrong) it up on Monday work out with Bob Harper via The Biggest Loser “game” for X-Box Kinect.

On Wednesday I had planned to workout with Bob again, but I didn’t think that I should do a full workout on the quad and I didn’t want to just do part of one.  Remember my verse for this month is Proverbs 31:17

She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

so I sat on my exercise ball and lifted weights for a few minutes in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  Following the RICE advice, I wore my biking compression pants all day Wednesday and the swelling and bruising is already much better.  Today I barely knew I had an “injury.” (I use the term injury very loosely, more like a minor setback.)  I’m amazed at what a little prayer, rest, ice, compression and elevation can do for the body!

And now for your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of my sweet, sweet girl.  She & daddy picked out her outfit this morning–isn’t she just the CUTEST???  I made her scarf by cutting up an old t-shirt into loops, doubling them, then wrapping a spare loop around the whole thing.  Today’s the first day she’s worn it and I love it!

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