Crazy-Ridiculous List of Things I’ve Been Accomplishing/Want to Accomplish Today Because I’m at Home (again)

Saturday I said that I could happily be stuck inside for days.  It’s funny how you say something and then God gives you the opportunity to prove it.  Sunday I was stuck at home by myself with Ariel because of the pipes.  Yesterday I was home by myself (allllllllll day Matt got home at 9) with a sick Flash and  a I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself-when-my-brother-isn’t-telling-me-what-to-do Ariel.  The Flash was still barfing at 9:30 last night (TMI, I know), so I called for a sub again today.  The good news is that The Flash has felt much, much better today, but I’m glad I kept him home because he’s still been pretty low-key today.

So that’s three days that I’ve been stuck in house by myself (not to mention Saturday when we were all 4 home) with the kids.  And I’ve gotten some awesome stuff done, but I confess to getting a little stir crazy today.  Maybe it’s because of all the laundry I’ve doing/trying to do.  Maybe it’s because Ariel is quite literally climbing the walls.  Maybe it’s because even after all the work I’ve done, I still feel like this house is a mess.  I don’t know.  All I do know is that my brother is coming over in a little while and I cannot wait to see him.  For reals.

Here’s what I’ve been working on today:

This post.

Workout with Biggest Loser

40 minutes on elliptical machine (broke up into 2 sets due to kiddos)

Run dishwasher

–Unload dishwasher

3 loads of laundry

Lysol everything

Finish forum for school

Conference call with student teacher

–Tidy up main level of house

–DIY Post

–LRFS Sneak Peak Post

–LRFS Post


Wax Eyebrows

–Enjoy my children for the fabulous toddlers that they are

That should keep me busy 🙂

Week 3 Update

As you can read here, this week has been pretty much insanity. Here’s how I did:

Sunday: Made bed, rested

Monday: Made bed (MLK Jr. Day), 40 minutes on elliptical machine

Tuesday: Made bed (I really did), worked out with Biggest Loser

Wednesday: Made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser

Thursday: Made bed, did not work out. Decided extra half hour of sleep was more important

Friday: Did not make bed, worked out to make up for not working out Thursday

Saturday: Made bed, worked out with Biggest Loser, 40 minutes on elliptical machine to make up for Friday

Despite the pipes, the leaky roof, the furnace (did I not mention the furnace? apparently something’s wrong with the humidifier–someone’s coming tomorrow to work on it) the pipes again, it really wasn’t a bad week at all. And I have to say, working out and then running on the elliptical machine made me feel AWESOME. We’ve also been hanging out with some pretty awesome people lately and that’s making me really, really happy.

Now for the obligatory awkward photos. These had better be worth it when this is all over:



FINALLY, I managed to get Rowdy in the background of one of my pictures. He’s always running around while I’m snapping these and I finally managed to catch him. He’s the small blur in the background.

Update on goals from last week:

Make freeze-ahead Cavatini Two of them!
Get up earlier than the rest of the family tomorrow, even though I have it off.This was another one of those “Just barely” moments, but I’m still counting on it.
Clean up Ariel’s room. And get it to stay that way for more than 5 minutes.I don’t think it stayed that way for long, but it’s better.
–LAUNDRY!…………well, you need pipes to do that, so……………

Goals for this week:

–Make February Menu
–Make February Blog Plan
–Make something yummy for student teacher’s last day
–Deal with all that paper (mail, etc) I’ve been avoiding

And because you’re such AWESOME readers, I leave you with this picture of Ariel’s first tea party with, well, Ariel.


Crazy-Ridiculous List of Things I Want to Accomplish Because I’m Iced In

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

We are, at last iced in.  I’ve been hoping to be iced/snowed in since Christmas.  In early November I usually start making a mental list of things to do when I’m trapped in my cozy little bungalow.  Matt gets cabin fever like mad-crazy cakes (I’m betting by 8 pm he’ll think of something he HAS to have and will venture out to get it), but not me.  I could happily be snowed/iced in for days.

Since this is our first official iced in day of 2012, I’m going to take is slow.  At least for me.  Here’s a list of things I’d love to accomplish on this icy winter day:

Work out with Biggest Loser on X-Box Kinect

Run for 40 minutes on elliptical machine

Really make those curtains this time (all 6 of them)

4 loads of laundry if Matt will let me

———–Ended up doing dishes instead, we can only due one per day due to old pipes, but I’m counting it!

–Make freezer cavitini

–Make something with the loaf of bread so that it doesn’t go bad

–Figure out a way for my LRFS photos not to be so dark

Clean up Ariel’s Room (I shudder at the thought, it’s BAD, folks)

–Play Batman Trios with The Flash

–Figure out a way to create an online blogging calendar for Februry

–Email professor awesome webinar plan

Obsessively check OnCourse to make sure I got all my assignments turned in for this week

Loads & loads of laying, snuggling, wrestling, etc.

Armed & Dangerous–Day 1

Half the fun of working out is getting to see the before & after pictures.  I started a program in June of last year and have seen some amazing results, as is noted in the photo below.  Also, this is my first attempt using PhotoShop–not so bad, eh?


I’ll post more about my transformation from the girl on the left who had to pray the zipper on that dress closed to the girl rocking the skinny jeans on the right some other time.  I lost 40 pounds, and that’s awesome, but it’s a story for another day.

Since the whole point of this “her arms are strong” activity is to see results and make changes, we’re going to need a baseline to make a comparison, so without further ado……

From the front.

From the side.

According to what I read when I was picking out the program, “Armed & Dangerous” focuses on the upper body and core.  I completed my first workout yesterday.  Keep in mind, I said “focus on the upper body and the core.”

My legs are SO SORE.  It had me doing lunges and some other leg work in addition to planks (which I hate–seriously, who thought up planks?!), and some early kick-boxing moves.  I’m really, really bad at the kick-boxing.  Maybe if you’re really nice to me, I’ll post a video of just how bad I am.  I’d need some convincing, though :).

This morning I got up and ran on my elliptical machine (which, by the way, I cannot spelling “elliptical” every time you see it, know that I’ve spelled it wrong and had to right-click on it to get the correct spelling, which is more of a hassle than it sounds because I’m typing on a MacBook Pro and there is no right click). Tomorrow will be my first day of getting up early to be “Armed & Dangerous,” so we’ll see how that goes. If all goes right, I should be finished with all three of my goals (Proverbs 31 verses 17, 15 & 22) before 7 am tomorrow morning.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Goals–January 2012

My first goal for January 2012 comes from Proverbs 31 verse 17:

She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

To accomplish this goal, I have started the 8 week “Armed & Dangerous” program on our Biggest Loser Game (game? that can’t be right) on X-Box Kinect.  I love this program for a lot of reasons.  First, using the Kinect is literally like employing a personal trainer.  It can see you and encourage you to move faster, pull your body into the appropriate position, track your reps, etc.  Second, it designs the program for you based on how many times per week you want to exercise.

I’ve been running on my elliptical machine  for forty minutes two times per week consistently last semester while watching Ugly Betty  and this is a habit that I truly enjoy.  I plan to continue doing this on Monday and Friday mornings like I have been, but will be adding the “Armed & Dangerous” 20 minute program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to meet another Proverbs 31 goal from verse 15:

She rises when it is yet night.

Which is not one I’m looking forward to.  I’m a classic sleeper-iner.  I love, love, love to stay up late (like really late) and sleep late.  I’ve trained my babies to be the same way.  Case-in-point: all three of us have slept until 10 whenever possible this Christmas Break.  Accomplishing this goal is really easy this time of year because it’s basically night all day (okay, maybe just from like 4:30 pm to 8 am), but I’m taking it a step further accomodate the additional “Armed & Dangerous” workouts.  I will definitely be revisiting this goal in the summer when it will truly be a challenge for me.  Right now, if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a one-off.

My third goal for January comes from Proverbs 31 verse 22:

She makes bed coverings for herself….

This is where the whole “modern twist” comes in–a couple of years ago, Matt and I a really pretty comforter set which has been on the floor of our bedroom ever since.  I’ve probably fully “made” our bed (not just pulled up the down comforter) 10 times in the last 2 years.  This is after a lifetime of being a diligent bed-maker at the request of my mother.  Since we’ve been married, I’ve done a terrible job with this, so my third goal for January is to make my bed all the way to the pillows 5 days a week.  Why 5 days a week? Because 2 days a week, my worship pastor husband is still in there when I leave for work :).

So, those are my goals for January.  I’ll be posting updates through out the month, so be sure to check back and hold me accountable!