Weight Loss Wednesdays

My dad has had a life-long dream to ride his bike from Indianapolis to Richmond.  Bike as in pedals, not hogs.  October 15, 2011, Matt, my brother, my cousin & I made that dream a reality.  In three hours and forty-five minutes we rode 60 glorious miles.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

When people find about about it the often look at me and say (sometimes out loud, sometimes in their heads) “Well, no wonder you’re skinny.  You rode 60 miles.”  Let me address those thoughts:

1) Skinny & fat are not words I love using.  There was a time in my life when I had very little self control, didn’t know a lot about food and didn’t exercise on a regular basis.  Now I know somethings about food, I workout regularly, and I exercise self-control to the best of my ability.  Most of the time :).

2) Yes.  One Saturday morning I burnt 3,000.  It was great.  It was one time.  I’m 40 pounds lighter because of decisions I make on a daily basis.

So, what DID I do??  Okay, here goes.  I started drinking Body by Vi meal replacements shakes two times a day.  I know what you’re thinking: that sounds like Slim Fast.  You’re right.  It does.  It’s not.  I’ve learned a ton about this product and I won’t bore you with the details (unless you email me and want them), but I will say this: Slim Fast has almost no protein and absolutely no fiber.  Body by Vi has a ton of protein (20 grams!) and a great amount of fiber (I think 5 somethings–can’t remember if it’s grams or milligrams or whatever.  You have the internets, look it up!).  I replaced two meals that I thought were healthy with two meals that actually were–and low cal.  And delicious.  I love them.

I also started counting calories.  This sucks a little.  I found an app that counts my calories for me, which is really, really helpful.  It’s called “Calorie Counter” and is available on both the Android Market and Apple’s App store for free.  With 3G service, you can access the calorie count in just about any food and nearly every restaurant.  It really helps me make healthy choices.  I mean, I can burn 400 calories working out, but isn’t easier to not consume those calories in the first place??

The third step? Exercise.  I set up an exercise routine and I’ve stuck with it.  We ride bikes when it’s warm enough, I run on my elliptical machine 2 times a week and I’m currently doing a Biggest Loser program on our X-Box Kinect called “Armed & Dangerous.”

There’s one more little thing, but it’s important enough that I think it deserves its own post, and that’s for next week.  See you then :).

God had gone before us

Years ago I was driving on a street that I knew well that went from being two lanes to three rather unexpectedly if you weren’t familiar with the road. I remember getting over and thinking that the car in front of me needed to, too. This was back in the day when Indiana license plates had the names of their counties on them and I noticed that this car was from out of town. I left enough room for the car to slide in front of me when the time came, and sure enough, a few minutes later, panic set in as the driver realized his lane was ending. He frantically looked over and moved his car into my lane where there was plenty of room because I had realized his needs before he had.

We serve a God who does the same thing.

I can point to countless times in my life when God has clearly gone before me and anticipated my needs before I ever knew I had them. Last week’s bedroom re-design was no exception. Matt and I have been slowly reworking our bedroom from the colossal mess that it was into a place where grey leggings are not missing for weeks at time. Over break we cleaned up some but things were just not “working.” It just didn’t flow–enter Matt & his brilliant idea to flip our bed to the opposite wall. Suddenly we had all this wall space for our enormous “dresser” unit and the speaker system Matt’s parents got us as a gift several years ago. The dresser’s by the closet now (BRILLIANT) and there was just enough room in the corner to lean this fantastic mirror we bought.

You all know the story of the mirror. I’m not even going to get into here or link back to it. It happened, it’s over, that’s the end of it. Problem solved, crisis everted, peace restored. I will never be able to look at that mirror without thinking about how God had gone before me and anticipated my needs before I ever knew I had them.

We were cutting through the housewares section of Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon when I saw it. It’s a “leaner” mirror–meaning that it can be mounted to the wall, but really doesn’t need to be. It was big, but I was pretty sure it’d fit in the little spot between the “dresser” and the door, and it was tall, but not too tall to fit on the wall. And it did, because God had gone before me. Also, who are we kidding, that mirror was going to lean no matter what–we’re not exactly super pro-active when it comes to stuff like that :).

I didn’t have the money in my groceries/expenses account to pay for it. So no mirror :(. Then Matt said, “What about the Vi money?” Yes, I sell the shakes I drink every morning and, yes, I make a little money off of them each month. Not a lot, but a little–and just enough to buy that mirror. A mirror, it turns out, that played a significant role my afternoon blogging endeavors.

We serve a God who cares when the sparrow falls. We serve a God who loves us and knows us intimately….and we serve a God who anticipates our needs before we have them. I’m thankful that I will have a very large, very visual (ha ha) reminder of this every morning.