Week Two Update

This week went really well–except that The Flash was little bit sick for part of it. I’m lucky to have a husband who can take a half day occasionally so that I don’t have to miss a whole day of work! It’s especially important for me be there in the morning to teach math and it’s important for Matt to be at work in the afternoon for worship band practice, so it all works out. God is good, and The Flash is on the mend!


Maybe starting to see some results??


Ignore that unmade bed in the background :).

Here’s how I did this week:

Monday–Husband still in bed when I left, 40 minutes on elliptical machine
Tuesday–Made bed, worked out in morning
Wednesday–Husband awake and working in bed when I left, Lifted weights
Thursday–Made bed, worked out in morning
Friday–Total fail. Lazed around in bed hoping for two-hour delay and ended up getting up too late to work out. Also, husband still in bed when I left. Lesson learned. I’m supposed to be getting up while it’s night.
Saturday–Made bed, worked out (with Ariel. Adorbs.)
Sunday–Didn’t make bed because awesome husband made it for me! Maybe going to work out tonight. Fingers crossed.

Update on goals from last week:

–Come up with written schedule for posting
–Continue taking pictures for next week’s Ladies Room Fashion Show
—Came back to haunt me, but check. Buy new mirror and take pictures at home from now on (which, let’s be honest with ourselves, is a better idea). Check.
–Clean up my room. Making my bed is great, but this hit a little close to home.
—CHECK. Awesome husband and I made major progress in this area. Stay tuned next week for the full story.

Goals for this week:

–Make freeze-ahead Cavatini
–Get up earlier than the rest of the family tomorrow, even though I have it off.
–Clean up Ariel’s room. And get it to stay that way for more than 5 minutes.

Crazy-Ridiculous List of Things I want to Accomplish Today Because I’m Insane

Oh, the weather outside is weather! And it’s toasty warm in my house! And since we don’t really have any plans…..let’s not have idle hands, idle hands, idle hands!

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

My “crazy ridiculous list of things I want to accomplish today because I’m insane” went over like gangbusters the other day–for me. Seeing that loooong list and watching myself tick things off kept my hands from being “idle.” I didn’t get everything on it done, but I accomplished a lot more than I would have with out it. And since it’s freezing out there today and The Flash has an ear infection (& Ariel is still running around in her skivvys) I thought it’d be a great day to get some projects done around the house to keep my hands from being “idle.”

Post this blog

–Write at least 2 blogs for next week

Make Potato Soup in the Croc Pot for lunch tomorrow

Go to Wal-Mart (I cry a little at this one. I don’t want to go!)

REALLY finish grading those papers this time

REALLY workout this time

(I think those were the only two things I didn’t get done on Wednesday)

Put the soap I made the other day into containers now that’s really done

–Cut off/sew up curtains for living room

–Put up new curtains in living room

–Use bottom of living room curtains to make curtains for dining room

–Put up new curtains in dining room

–Decide if I like new curtains in dining room

–Turn ginormous pants from the other day into skinnys

–Turn grey pants into skinny pants

–Fix broken dress

–Run elliptical machine

Clean up the play room

–Fold & put away laundry in the dryer

Put up art work the kids made the other day in the playroom

Watch movies/snuggle/wrestle/enjoy time with family

Make Matt look at cute things Rowdy does (mwah ha ha)

Conversations I had with Matt when typing this post:

Me: Can I say “gangbusters” in a post?
Matt: You want to know it’s orgin?
Me: Yeah, look that up.
Matt: (proceeds to look up, finds definition here)
Me: Oh, so it’s all one word. (fixes spelling)

Matt: (looks over at my computer screen) YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS TODAY?!
Me: Yeah.
Matt: I was hoping to lay around and do nothing.
Me: It’s just sewing and groceries and stuff.
Matt: (visibly relieved) Okay. (probably thinks this in his head: “Oh thank God. She can’t ask me to ask her sew. I’ll probably get to play a lot of Skyrim today. Score.”)


Me: This has got to be better than watching TV together on a Saturday morning.
Matt: All of our minds are actively engaged in something.
Me: Yeah, this is good (goes back to blogging).

Quad Update

I haven’t let my sore quad keep me from working out this week.  It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that I figured out that I was more than “just started a new workout routine” sore, so I had followed my plan to elliptical (yup, spelled it wrong) it up on Monday work out with Bob Harper via The Biggest Loser “game” for X-Box Kinect.

On Wednesday I had planned to workout with Bob again, but I didn’t think that I should do a full workout on the quad and I didn’t want to just do part of one.  Remember my verse for this month is Proverbs 31:17

She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

so I sat on my exercise ball and lifted weights for a few minutes in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  Following the RICE advice, I wore my biking compression pants all day Wednesday and the swelling and bruising is already much better.  Today I barely knew I had an “injury.” (I use the term injury very loosely, more like a minor setback.)  I’m amazed at what a little prayer, rest, ice, compression and elevation can do for the body!

And now for your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of my sweet, sweet girl.  She & daddy picked out her outfit this morning–isn’t she just the CUTEST???  I made her scarf by cutting up an old t-shirt into loops, doubling them, then wrapping a spare loop around the whole thing.  Today’s the first day she’s worn it and I love it!