Ladies Room Fashion Show

One of my favorite blogs, Dear Baby, used to have a weekly post called “Ladies Room Fashion Show” that I loved.  Melissa would share her weekly outfits for better or for worse (although I always thought she looked fabulous).  In the past couple of years, I’ve become increasingly interested in fashion.  I’ll blog more about that sometime soon.  Now that I have my own captive audience (that would be you.  How are you doing, by the way? Can I get you something to drink or maybe a pillow? You should really take your left hand off your face, it isn’t good for your skin.) I thought I’d give my own Ladies Room Fashion Show a try.  Here are a couple of this week’s outfits.


Top: Old Navy (Christmas present)
Pants: ?? Probably thrifted
Boots: JC Penny Day-After-Thanksgiving sale

Not super sure about these pants. They’re a bit short when they’re not tucked into boots and I don’t like the bunching around the knees. The chances of them being repurposed into skinny pants is high.


Shirt: Old Navy (before kids, it’s oooold)
Dress: Thrifted
Leggings: Target–compression pants
Boots: JC Penny Day-After-Thanksgiving Sale

Yup, those are compression pants and they made a HUGE difference in the way my leg felt at the end of the day. This dress is one of my all-time favorite thrifted finds. When I don’t know what to wear, I can throw it on and instantly look put-together. Or at least put-together for me :). My mother would say that this dress needs heeled boots, and she’d be right, but it’s not happening today–maybe next week, PJ.


Top: Gap outlet
Dress: Thrifted, reworked a bit
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Boots: Croc outlet (BOGO w/my fabulous SIL)

Some mornings I know exactly what I want to wear. Today was one of those mornings….but I couldn’t find my grey leggings, so, this. Another go-to dress that I love. Don’t tell anyone, but this outfit is so comfortable it feels like pajamas. I really shouldn’t be allowed to wear it to work it’s so comfortable. And dont even get me started on the boots. I love these boots. It’s an internal battle not to wear them every day.

I did worry that my new student teacher would think I was a hippie who lives in a van, though.


Top: Target (Christmas gift from my momma)

Jeans: Old Navy (Christmast gift from my SIL)

Boots:  JC Penny Day-After-Thanksgiving Sale

The boots are more light suede than they appear in the picture, I promise.  Today was YET ANOTHER day when I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and even laid it out the night before only to have my best-laid (out–HA!) plans foiled.  Again.  Cut to me scrambling around, cut to this shirt laying on the floor near me when I realized my first shirt wasn’t going to work for school (it’s been relegated to the “Date Night Only” category) and cut to me throwing it on and running out the door.  I have got to get this closet cleaned up, folks.  And maybe try on outfits the night before.

So that’s all for this week’s Ladies Room Fashion Show.  What did you think? Did you like it? Hate it? Think it was okay?  Is this the type of post you’d like to see on a weekly basis???  Leave some comments & let me know!!