My humble opinion of a made bed

She makes coverings for her bed. Proverbs 31:22

A made bed to me is so much more than that.  As ridiculous as it sounds, a made bed indicates to me that a person is organized, prosperous, and has self respect.  That’s ridiculous, that I think that, right?? It’s maybe even a little pompous and holier-than-thou.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “She’s been in my house and my bed wasn’t made–what does she think of me?”  Relax.  I’m as guilty of not making my bed as the next person.

Think about it like this–a made bed indicates that a person gets up with enough time to do something that is completely unnecessary.  From a “starving children in Africa” perspective, making ones bed falls extremely low on the priority list.  Having bed coverings at all, especially really super nice ones that cost tons of money is even lower on the priority list–and yet there it is, and in the Bible no less.  She makes coverings for her bed.

The Proverbs 31 woman had a lot on her plate.  It was her job to keep the family fed and clothed–think about all the things we have today that make our lives easier and better.  I’ll wait.  Okay, now think about things beyond the obvious (no dish washer, no washing machine, no OPI fingernail polish)–grinding your own flour, making your own soap, making your own CLOTH so that you could make clothes.  I’m not a super-Bible scholar, but I’m betting that at least a couple of those were on the Proverbs 31 Woman’s daily/weekly/monthly/yearly to-do list.  Yet somehow she’s still expected to “make coverings for her bed.”

How? Time management.  I think that’s what a made bed represents to me–a person who has mastered time management.  People who have mastered time-management are (I’m guessing) typically more successful in all areas of their life….and that’s what I want.  I don’t want to be the woman forcing herself out of bed at the last possible second, leaving baskets of laundry, sink fulls of dishes, and an unmade bed in her wake as she rushes out the door.  I guess a small part of me thinks that if I can master the art of making my bed every morning (down to the 8 decorative pillows that came with the set), the other areas of my life will slowly fall into place, too.

Goals–January 2012

My first goal for January 2012 comes from Proverbs 31 verse 17:

She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

To accomplish this goal, I have started the 8 week “Armed & Dangerous” program on our Biggest Loser Game (game? that can’t be right) on X-Box Kinect.  I love this program for a lot of reasons.  First, using the Kinect is literally like employing a personal trainer.  It can see you and encourage you to move faster, pull your body into the appropriate position, track your reps, etc.  Second, it designs the program for you based on how many times per week you want to exercise.

I’ve been running on my elliptical machine  for forty minutes two times per week consistently last semester while watching Ugly Betty  and this is a habit that I truly enjoy.  I plan to continue doing this on Monday and Friday mornings like I have been, but will be adding the “Armed & Dangerous” 20 minute program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to meet another Proverbs 31 goal from verse 15:

She rises when it is yet night.

Which is not one I’m looking forward to.  I’m a classic sleeper-iner.  I love, love, love to stay up late (like really late) and sleep late.  I’ve trained my babies to be the same way.  Case-in-point: all three of us have slept until 10 whenever possible this Christmas Break.  Accomplishing this goal is really easy this time of year because it’s basically night all day (okay, maybe just from like 4:30 pm to 8 am), but I’m taking it a step further accomodate the additional “Armed & Dangerous” workouts.  I will definitely be revisiting this goal in the summer when it will truly be a challenge for me.  Right now, if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a one-off.

My third goal for January comes from Proverbs 31 verse 22:

She makes bed coverings for herself….

This is where the whole “modern twist” comes in–a couple of years ago, Matt and I a really pretty comforter set which has been on the floor of our bedroom ever since.  I’ve probably fully “made” our bed (not just pulled up the down comforter) 10 times in the last 2 years.  This is after a lifetime of being a diligent bed-maker at the request of my mother.  Since we’ve been married, I’ve done a terrible job with this, so my third goal for January is to make my bed all the way to the pillows 5 days a week.  Why 5 days a week? Because 2 days a week, my worship pastor husband is still in there when I leave for work :).

So, those are my goals for January.  I’ll be posting updates through out the month, so be sure to check back and hold me accountable!