LRFS Sneak Peak

This week’s LRFS inspiration comes from one of two places.  My awesome babysitter said I look like I pulled inspiration from Ginnifer Goodwin’s “Snow” on the new show Once Upon a Time (which if you’re not watching you totally should be).

I LOVE this show and my original idea for this super-short haircut came from Ginnifer’s short-but-sweet coif.  I was thrilled by this compliment.

However, right before I left for work, Matt had told me that my outfit looked like it was inspired by…..

Hans Solo.

So, which one was it?? Well, I’ll never tell.  I only wish I could have actually worn it.  I had on this “inspiration outfit” the day The Flash got sick all over the aforementioned awesome babysitter’s porch.  But the people at Wal-Mart seemed to appreciate it when I stopped by on my way home for supplies :).