Goals for 2012:

Personal Goals:

–Gain new perspective and deeper relationship with God, Matt & kids through living principles taught in Proverbs 31

–Be better wife, mother, house-keeper, etc.

–Maintain weight, gain strength and endurance

–Ride bike 1,000 miles

Professional Goals:

–Maintain organized classroom with warm, caring environment

–Work with students individually and in small groups to fill in gaps and boost ISTEP scores

–ISTEP scores for my students (LA & Math) at or above 85% passing

–Maintain 4.0 in Master’s classes

–Continue to seek and grow professionally through the use of technology in the classroom

Blog Goals:

–Post goals for the new month of the first day of every month

–Post update on previous month’s goals on the last day of the month

–Post semi-daily (we’ll see how this goes) on progress towards goals