Crazy-Ridiculous List of Things I Want to Accomplish Because I’m Home with a Sick Kid

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

Well, The Flash made it all the way to my awesome babysitter’s house before vomiting all over the porch.  The good news is that she was totally cool about it.  I ran over to school and put some lesson plans together so that my kids at school would have good stuff to do today and even managed to get  a sub for today (thanks to the ladies in the office, my student teacher, my awesome babysitter and whoever my sub is for today for helping me out at school today).

So I’m home today and while I’ll be spending most of my time caring for my sick boy, I can probably squeeze in some crazy-ridiculousness.  Here’s what I’d like to accomplish today:

–Wash all of The Flash’s clothes from today, coat included (yuck)

Finish off the laundry from the weekend now that the pipes seem to be working (yea!)

–Put away all the clean clothes

Put away the dishes in the sink

Make cherry limeade

Keep Vomity McVomiterson out of the cherry limeade (it’s red and stains everything) So far so good.

Make vitamin water for The Flash

Make Jello

Keep Ariel entertained and away from The Flash This involved me bringing in the water table and filling it up in the kitchen.  But hey, people, desperate times call for desperate measures.

–Run 40 minutes on elliptical machine

–Work on some stuff for Master’s Classes

Make freezer enchiladas

–Deal with the giant (I swear, it’s growing) pile of papers on my table.

This list may be a little ambitious, seeing as it’s taken me almost an hour to write it and I’ve been interrupted many, many times by my little guy.  Taking care of him (and his stinky sister) is definitely at the top of my list today!