She doesn’t fear the snow

Proverbs 31: 21 She is not afraid of snow for her household.


God has blessed me in several cool ways let last couple of months.  My good friend (who is also gracious enough to spend 3 days a week with my kiddos), Kristy, sells 31 products.  For those of you who don’t know, that 31 DOES refer to Proverbs 31–how cool is that??  Anyway, Kristy asked me if I wanted to be part of a “Turkey Trot” back in November.  Basically she asked several people if they would buy a couple of things and then drew one name out of a hat to be the “host” of that “party.”  And I WON! I got to be the hostess.  As part of my hostess rewards, I got this bag for free.

I totally copied Kristy’s awesome idea for this winter print 7-pocketed bag and we’re using it to hold all of our winter supplies.  Matt & I both work about 30 minutes from home and I’ve always kept a bag in the car that held hats and gloves for all the members of our family.  This bag is FANTASTIC for that because it has 5 pockets around the outside that are perfect for gloves.  There are two little mesh pockets on the sides that are perfect for store-bought instant hand warmers and the middle of the bag is great for holding our hats, scarves, and two small, fleece blankets.  If we ever find ourselves stranded along the side of the road, we’ll be set until help arrives.  And when we wake up on one of those glorious snow days, we’ll be 4 sets of snow pants and 4 winter coats away from our favorite sledding hill!  We can grab our sleds on the way out the door and we’ll be off.  I’m also looking forward to not having to pray my way into my snow pants this year ;).

So, thanks so much to Kristy for the opportunity to get this awesomely adorable bag for our winter gear! It will be a winter-time staple in our home for years to come!